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Training for In-House Real Estate Assistants

Grow Your Business With Trained In-House Assistants

Your business is your livelihood. You make investments into your business daily.

  • Every day you show up.
  • Every day you speak with clients.
  • You spend your hour of power smiling and dialing daily.

Give your in-house assistant access to all the tools that will make your business thrive. Invest in their training to reap your rewards.These are big investments in your business. You not only want to maintain your business, but you also want to see it grow. As a REALTOR® you are required to take yearly on-going educational training.  This education enables you to better represent your clients, both buyers and sellers. Don’t you think your staff deserves this same benefit? Wouldn’t an investment into their education make them better prepared to help you grow your business? It just makes sense to invest in the people who are on the front lines for you. You and your assistant will reap the benefits of knowing they are current with training and trends.

You have a great  in-house real estate assistant. You have created a list of tasks and responsibilities that you would like the person to take care of. You hired your assistant to handle the things you’re working on, but you also want someone with skills you may not have. A good assistant will both complement and expand your capabilities. The most important initial focus should be to help them understand how you think and work. Toward this end, your assistant will spend a lot of time simply learning how you operate. Encourage them to take notes and to ask questions. Taking this approach, it will be quite natural to begin handing off smaller responsibilities that will allow you to focus on the big picture.

But, if your assistant does not undergo periodic training they will fall behind in their expertise. I don’t need to tell you what that can mean to your business. If your support falls out from under you, your business doesn’t grow! You count on them for so many reasons. Why not give them the tools to help you succeed?

If your assistant is not on the cutting edge, they cannot compete with the services that Virtual Real Estate Assistants are providing. Virtual Assistants understand that they need to stay ahead on training to be competitive in their field and to offer clients what they need to grow their businesses. Soon your competition will be outpacing you. The investment into your Assistant’s education is an investment into your business. By accessing Training for Your In-House Assistant, you will profit with better services, top notch technology and the best internet marketing you can get.

Real Estate Website Review and Evaluation ChecklistMaybe it’s time to do a REVIEW for your assistant. Find out where there strengths and weaknesses are and help them to overcome this inconsistency. You may find that it is more than just working one-on-one with you or other members of the office.

Set up a checklist beforehand so you know exactly what results and questions you answered in the review. Checklists are specific and allow you to give feedback on all aspects of a job. Usually, the only feedback assistants get is on poor performance – and it’s usually negative. Checklists make sure that your assistant also gets positive feedback on the tasks they have done correctly. Also, by pointing, out individual steps that need improvement, small problems are solved before they become big problems.

If you discover a need for additional training, we can help you out. We have an inexpensive, comprehensive and up-to-date training program that you might be interested in. Check out our Training for In-House Real Estate Assistants. Our program is designed to keep your assistant on top of real estate trends and technology. It covers all aspects of supporting your business.

Do you want to know the best part? Your assistant will also receive unlimited access to updated information on our website and access to the REVA Forum where he or she can go and ask questions about issues they may be having. It’s a win-win for you both!


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