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So what does a REVA do?  Services We Offer give you additional time to do the things you need done and that make you money.

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Services we offer at REVA Online for Real Estate Agents, Meaning Help Support Maintenance And AssistanceBlogging
Don’t have blog ideas? No time to write? Not sure what to do to maximize your blog posts and get the best results online? That’s why we are here. This is one of the top services we offer. I have earned the Internet Marketing Specialist Designation and can help you from blog set up to writing and maintenance! More

Did you include a budget and marketing plan in your Business Plan? If not, you still have time. Marketing is not the same. You still need to spend time and be proactive, but your platformsf of engagement are different. You need to be in personal contact with clients by phone or with a card or note to say hi. But you also have the second level of marketing that requires consistency, commenting and quality content.  More

There are many ways to present yourself to your potential clients and to buyers. Competition to be unique and stand out from the others is intense and may be your ticket to success. I can create a dynamic and branded look for your presentations, reports and written copy. Don’t blend, Brand!  More

WordPress Blogs
WordPress has one of the most powerful blog platforms available. Let us help you design an impressive online presence with WordPress. Choose from hundreds of templates and we can design a look unique to you.  More

Internet Marketing
Internet marketing is about building relationships. As with dating, it takes time. You need to be patient. You need to put the time in to bring quality results. You should have a plan and follow that plan. Use keywords and keyword phrases consistently. But most of all, add quality. Be helpful, connect locally and give great information. Don’t forget to interact. The internet is not a one way conversation.  More

Website design, maintenance and content for real estate. Get our Website Audit and begin your SEO Updates Now!Website Management
Whether you have a template website created by one of the major brand companies, a low-budget website that you purchased some time ago, or a powerful WordPress website, you still need to keep it up-to-date and add quality content. The more you change items on your website, the more often the spiders will crawl it. Keep content fresh, review keywords and longtail keywords, alt tags, meta tags and descriptions to maintain Search Engine Optimization.  More

Website Reviews
Not sure what to look for when reviewing your website? We can manage that. Your website needs a yearly review at minimum. This is another service we offer. Twice a year is even better. We will review your website from look and branding to content and SEO. We have the tools and experience to find the issues and improve your website.  More

Social Media
Utilize the social media platforms to build relationships. Use your local expertise to stand out and become the local real estate and area expert. Use hyper-local blog posts to begin forming a relationship. Be consistent and comment on other posts too. You don’t need to do all of the social platforms, just do a few very well.  More

Listing Coordination
You made the appointment and got the new listing but new listings take time to market well. Photos must be great to showcase the home and then posted for maximum SEO. Descriptions must be unique and informative. Good use of keywords will get search engine attention as well. Now there is the rest of the marketing you must do to obtain maximum exposure in the least amount of time.  More

Reputation Management
Your reputation is your living. You work with buyers and sellers daily. You begin to form relationships with them and they begin to trust you and your reputation. What if someone came along and were to post unflattering posts about you online? How would you know? How would you fix it? We have a program set up to manage your reputation and to be able to take action immediately to remedy the situation.  More>…

Lead Management
Leads come in from every place you can think of. You would hope you are receiving them from your website and other online locations as well as from referrals, past clients and from farming. How do you maintain these leads? Who is in charge of making sure they are attended to? Don’t let leads fall through the crack.  More

Website Content
Typically your website comes loaded with content. You bought and paid for a beautiful background and template. It has bells and whistles. But the content is NOT unique. Every other person who paid that company for a template (and not just the one you chose, but any template), has the exact same verbiage on their website. This is a major no-no for the search engines who see canned content.  More

Branding is the one thing that sets your business apart from every other Agent out there. You choose who you will be and how you want to market your business and who your target market it. Branding and Identity
What do I mean when I talk about “branding”? Branding is the process that businesses go through to make themselves recognized on any level. This branding is pushed out to your target market by internet marketing, logos, business cards and more. You want your brand to be as recognizable as it can be. Separate yourself from your company brand and build your own image  More

Email Campaigns
A strong and personalized Drip Email Campaign can bring potential clients back to your website and your social media sites where you can begin conversing with them on a more personal level. Canned drip email campaigns look and sound like you do not really care if your client reads the message or responds and reacts to it. So why should they care. Build Personalized Email Campaigns and begin building a foundation for a relationship.  More

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As always, as a professional real estate virtual assistant, you offer many services. It seems like you strive to offer the best services for real estate professionals. We keep that in mind as we look for people in the real estate industry to align with. Thanks. Gary H

I have been exploring for a little bit for any high quality articles or blog posts on this sort of thing. Exploring in Google I ultimately stumbled upon your website.

After Reading through this info, i’am glad that I found you. I have a feeling I came upon just what I needed on a continuing basis. Leslie