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Build a successful real estate website. What your website Must Have!
Your website just may be your client’s first impression of you. Having an easy to navigate and clean website will help your visitors appreciate what you can offer and get them on their way to doing business with you as a home buyer or seller.

Kathy Goldman and her team of Real Estate Website experts can build your site from ground up or evaluate and improve your existing website. Bad links, poor content and hard-to-find and use tools are all deterrents to your visitors.

 6 Things Your Website Must Do or Be to Be Successful:

  1. Easy to navigate:  Are your links to information easily found?
  2. Clean:  Eliminate the clutter to showcase the links for information.
  3. Lead Generators:  Other than the contact form, what can you offer your visitors so they will register?
  4. Valuable Buyer and Seller Resources:  Showcase your expertise and make it easy for visitors to trust you.
  5. Hyper-Local Information:  Provide lots of local information (not just links to other websites, but actual information) for the areas you cover. The more information you have, the more likely the visitor will visit other pages and stay longer on your site. Longevity on site is the key to leads.
  6. A Superior IDX Solution.

Here are a few of the components we build into our real estate websites:

  • Our all-star team of designers are constantly putting together some of the best design examples in the real estate industry.
  • Responsive design that will work on all sorts of screen sizes and devices.
  • Gold Level SEO
  • Content creation and maintenance: including pages, listings and much more.
  • Google Analytics and lead management reports help you spot trends as well as problems so you can stay on top of the game.

You need a compelling and dynamic website platform before you can begin to generate leads. There are many options for building a website. You may use a free website or eBlogger, you may choose to work with a Template Company, or you may desire to have a website built from the ground up. Each of these options have their benefits and drawbacks.

Real Estate Webographer Certified. We can build your website for you with unique content and dynamic SEO.Free websites do not allow you to use your “Domain Name”. This means anyone looking for you at will not find you. They would have to go to Not very easy to use in marketing. The free websites also, do not have many features that you can add-on and therefore you are very limited with what you can do with your site.

Template Real Estate Websites are a great first time launching pad. Many Template companies offer hundreds of design options to choose from. The biggest obstacle with a template site is that even though it all comes launch ready, your website content is not unique. It is the exact same content as every other Template that company produces. This is really bad in the search engines because they see the duplicate content and the search engin has no way to determine who had the content first and your website can be reprimanded. This is called “canonicalization”. So in short, the value is that your website is pretty much ready to go. The downfall is that you are still going to have to work on the content to make it unique to your own website.  One of the most powerful website solutions is WordPress. New Apps come out almost daily to increase traffic, stop spam, and make maintenance easier. You can can choose a WordPress Compatible website template and with WP, most anything in the website can be manipulated to your liking. It’s powerful with the search engines and you can get excellent SEO when managed right. The downfall of a WP site is that you usually need someone who has experience with WP and HTML to make these changes and to know where these changes are made. Also, a real WP Professional will know what plugins and widgets will be most beneficial to your audience. This WP site is not the same as the free website. When you register with, you may have a paid hosted site and you can use your domain to direct traffic to your website.

Finally, a Custom Real Estate Website. Custom real estate websites are beautiful. They are built exactly to your specifications and personality. They take a long time to code and build. But they are fabulous. The biggest deterrent for most people with the Custom Website is COST. Custom websites start at about $5000 and go up from there. They may be a great investment if you are motivated and willing to stick with the site to ride out the return on your investment, but if you only plan on having this site short-term, you probably won’t profit.

Whether you are looking to have a custom real estate website designed or need someone to manage and update your current template real estate website, REVA Online has a solution for you. We can help you through the entire process from choosing your platform, to adding content, reviewing and updating SEO and general real estate website maintenance and review.


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