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Real Estate Website Review


Real Estate Website Review and Evaluation Checklist

Your website is your calling card. It’s your direct link to a first impression. Your website must deliver exactly what your visitors want from your website. That may be unique to each visitor but I’m sure you understand your clients by now.

Buyers want to be able to SEARCH FOR HOMES.

Sellers want to be able to FIND OUT WHAT THEIR HOME IS WORTH.

Very simply, you need to make it super easy for your visitors to find what they need quickly. There is a lot of competition on the search engines for good websites. You can never compete against the websites. They practically own the first pages of the search engines. So you have to do what you can to outpace your competition. So do you know how your website is performing? If not, you should get a real estate website review now.

Below is a very short  list of the type of questions that we consider when we review a website. If the answer to every question is answered with yes, you can be very pleased with yourself and consider yourself the top of the crop with your website. Most websites have flaws for a number of different reasons, mostly related to the limitation of  resources available to you and the sacrifices that you make as a direct result of balancing building your business and maintaining your business.

  • Do you have quality Content?
  • Is your website easy to Navigate?
  • Can visitors immediately access what they want?
  • Do you have inbound links?
  • Do you use proper meta tags, keywords and titles for pages?
  • Do you use proper keywords and alt  titles for photos and graphics?
  • Is your website cross-compatible with browsers?

If you answered yes to these questions, you probably don’t need a professional to review your site. If you answered no to any of these questions, it will certainly be worth the investment to have a real estate website review done. We offer real estate agent website reviews and evaluations at a very low investment cost. It is an important part of your marketing efforts to have a quality, easily found and easily navigable website.

From page loading time to ease of use and lead generation ability; we review your website, create and send your results to you and make suggestions for improving your website. If you see how your website is performing, you will be able to recognize and enhance the features that are under-performing.

Do you need help with the updates? Don’t understand what you need to do? Or most likely, I am guessing you don’t have the time.

We’ve got that covered too!

Once we have done a Real Estate Website Review, we will send your results and you can decide at the time if you would like to have REVA Online resolve your issues making the improvements to get you the best placement we can. We will use the most current tools and resources providing website analysis in SEO, performance, validity, security, accessibility and more. Our goal is to provide all possible information related to your website which can help you improve your web presence.

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