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Our REVA Team

Meet Our Expert REVA Team

I have been in the business a long time. I have had clients come and go. I have had assistants come and go. It’s the way of the business. I am very proud to introduce you to our REVA Team. They are more than my Assistants. They are friends and the greatest people you could ever meet. They are professionals with unique expertise in their various fields and I am blessed to have an energetic, proactive, knowledgeable and likeable team to work with.

 When you build a team, you need people who compliment, not only your business needs, but each other. Our REVA Team not only does this, but goes beyond. 

Jennifer is my Listings Coordinator. She has been with me for about 3 years or more. We have the same birthday!   Jennifer | Listing Coordinator | Mom

Jennifer manages the listings from MLS to Sale. She writes exciting and unique copy for the property, edits and enhances photos, adds photo descriptions, enhances listing on, adds listing to Postlets, posts on Craigslist and Backpage, creates Property Facebook page, Sends blast via Facebook, Twitter and blog, add listing to ActiveRain, enhances on Trulia and Zillow as needed and updates Open House events as needed.
She is creative and dedicated to getting our Client’s listings done and staying on top of them for price adjustments, new photos or changes in the listing.
Don has also been with me for many years. He is a website guru and a learning fool.  
Don | Website Guru | Family Man

Don is another second hand for me. He knows all about websites and SEO. We have built many sites together and it is always a learning experience for me. Don does not shy away from studying anything and everything to improve his skills. I consider him a very important part to REVA Online. Who else would know what kind of code should replace the title code in the html?

Martie has the kindest heart in the world. She is my blogging person and all-around writer!  
Martie | Writer | Researcher | Mom
Martie has been writing for me for some time now. She is the person who proofreads my writing too. Together we have written many articles and post hundreds of blogs. She is committed to deadlines and her family (maybe not always in that order, but we work it out!)
Kandi os relatively new to REVA Online. She comes from my home state. She does statistics for clients blogs and tweets.  
Kandi | Real Estate Market Statistics | Mom
Kandi has recently come on board at REVA Online and her enthusiasm is contagious. She loves the work I give her and she is always in the mood to learn more about what needs to be done and why. She is from my home state so we both have the same accent, Hey!
Zane F - website design and creation, logo designer. HTML, HTML5, Javaxsrcipt   Zane F. | Website | Graphics | Logos

Working since 2009 in graphic design / web production process. I have created and developed a multitude of projects in Europe and North Africa, and North America with the best engines, frameworks and platforms . I build different graphics and websites for branding and, with the best brand/name/activity presentation and feeling.


You are a very wise woman Kathy. I really like the Team you have put together at REVA Online. It’s always fun to see who the team of experts is that I work with in Real Estate.

I came to your Our REVA Team | Real Estate Assistant page by searching on Google. Then I saw you have a Team. Is it possible that you might be hiring or willing to mentor me? I worked as a receptionist in a real estate office years ago but I know so much has changed since then. Maria

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