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 Your reputation is probably the best marketing tool you have. If it should be compromised, your business could really suffer.Your reputation is probably the best marketing tool you have. If it should be compromised, your business could really suffer.What does online reputation mean and does it apply to me or just college kids? Anyone who goes online and makes comments, has a blog, website, Facebook page or any other number of social platforms should be concerned with their online reputation.

Do you worry that prospective clients will see the youthful party shot that you can’t get off the first page of your Google results? Did anyone tag you in a photo that you would rather not have online?

As we live we find that over-use of social media is not always a good choice. Not only are there pictures out there of you doing things you may not have wanted posted, but anyone can damage your reputation with slanderous comments and false statements about you, your business or anything you may be connected to. Many people think that because they do not post photos of themselves that they are not vulnerable.

Getting the damage done is easy. Removing the damage…not so easy.

The first step is to hire someone to begin managing your reputation. You need someone who can bury negative search results and promote positive content that accentuates your desired image. You can’t “erase” a damaged image. You have to compile lots positive information and feedback so that it pushes it so far down in the search results that people cannot find it as easily.

We use online tools to track your online  reputation and we can see the moment a comment or photo of you is posted. A quick review will tell us whether it is good or bad. From there, if it’s bad, we can do a little bit of damage control. If it continues, even an attorney can’t remove it. So finding issues quickly is important.

Online Reputation Management Advice:

  • Set up alerts.
  • Post frequently to Twitter.
  • Post less frequently to Facebook and maximize your privacy settings.
  • Post less intimate/personal information online.
  • Claim your profile on major platforms.
  • Remove the “tag” that identifies photos of you. Ask others to take down pictures of yourself that you think could compromise your reputation.
  • Google Yourself Periodically
  • If you haven’t already done so, register your personal name as a domain name.

Online reputation management can keep your image safe.Here Are the Services We Provide for Online Reputation Management

Establish Your Online Presence:

  1. Write a Unique biography or profile for each platform.
  2. Claim and set-up (or enhance) your business profile on:
  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Yelp
  • Google Places
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Local
  • LinkedIn
  1. Decrease the number of social platforms you are active on.
  2. Send request for reviews to your database (after your approval of message, using your CRM).
  3. Create an email that we will send at the end of every transaction requesting a review from the client.

In Addition, Our Weekly Management:

  1. Monitor online alerts
  • Responding to all alerts and counsel you on how we can respond to anything negative.
  1. Monitor world wide web
  • Monitoring the web for any mention of your name (via Google Alerts, Brand Yourself, Knowem, etc.) and create an action plan as needed. Will make suggestions on how to boast about the positive via press releases, etc.


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