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IDX Management

REVA Online Offers IDX Management

Get More From Your IDX Solution

Understanding IDX can be confusing and the process of getting your IDX up and running on your real estate website is one mountain of many in getting your real estate business found and loved by customers.  Don’t fret though.

Process leads through your sales funnel for best results.IDX stands for ‘Internet Data Exchange’, which is commonly referred to as Broker Reciprocity. With IDX, Real estate agents have the ability to put Multiple Listing Service (MLS) results on their websites to offer the latest choices to potential buyers. Your buyers come to your website to shop for homes. If you only provide them your listings or your office listings you are pushing them to another website where they are able see all of the listings that are available  for sale.

If you went to a burger joint and all they offered was one type of  hamburger, you would be disappointed. So you will probably head on down to the next burger joint just to see what they offer. Let me tell you they are offering more than one type of burger!

This is called Buyer’s Prerogative. Buyers are smart. They know they can shop around and they know they should shop around. If you don’t provide what your buyers are looking for they will go to your competition’s website.  If you aren’t harnessing the power of the Internet to sell homes, you’re losing potential sales to the competition.

You might wonder why you want your competition’s listings on your website. Well that’s an easy answer. It’s additional advertising and opportunity for you, it builds your SEO and visitors are more likely to spend more time on your website and familiarizing themselves with the services you provide. The bottom line is that no one gets paid until the property closes, right?

You need to have strong IDX  Management to get more leads from your website. In fact, your IDX can be a major resource for you; you just need to know how to utilize it to its fullest.

  • Did you know there are ways to create SEO with your IDX Solution?
  • Did you know you can see when your leads register, what they searched for and how many times they search?
  • Did you know that creating unique property URLs increases your SEO with search friendly phrases?
  • Did your know your IDX solution probably includes an Automated Email Update service for listings?

Your website must have an IDX Solution so visitors can find they information they require.REVA Online can help you find an IDX Provider who works with your MLS. Then we can help you set it up and maximize the potential this new tool creates. Proper IDX Management is an asset to your website and for your visitors.

Already have IDX on your website? Let the experts at REVA Online implement a more compelling IDX Management solution for your website. We will engage powerful tools from your IDX provider on your website for a very affordable price. You and your visitors will gain access to an interactive website that includes property search, featured properties, unique URL Searches, sold/pending properties, open homes, property organizer, automatic email updates registration for buyers and sellers, mortgage calculator, home valuation request (CMA) and contact form. With this package you can increase the number of leads that you generate from your website.

Don’t miss these great lead generation opportunities. We are familiar with most of the IDX Providers and promise to implement the tools and systems they provide to build your SEO and generate more leads.


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