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For REVAs – Virtual Real Estate Assistants

Real Estate Virtual Assistants can learn more about our REVA Blueprint for Success Program or Virtual Assistants may be ready to grow their business.Although you may have had some training and experience, you may still want to take your business to that next step. What do you do? Who do you talk to? What are your options? A few years ago if you were a Real Estate Assistant or looking to become one you were pretty much on your own. But luckily today we have many experienced REVAs and Real Estate Support Businesses that offer training, coaching, mentoring and Forums and Groups “just” for REVAs.

“There is a Serious Need for Real Estate Virtual Assistants. Now that business on the Internet no longer depends on geographic location, there is a serious need for people who are trustworthy, skilled, and detail-oriented to serve small businesses as Real Estate Virtual Assistants, commonly known as “VAs.”  Alan Bymer

The economy is strengthening and Real Estate Agents and Brokers need qualified people to help them grow and organize their businesses. If you don’t start with a solid background, your virtual real estate assistant business will have an uphill struggle. According to Forbes, 8 out of 10 businesses will close their doors in the first three years. We agree with Mr. Bymer who knows that currently there “serious need” for “skilled and detail oriented” assistants. With the right training this could be you!

Kathy Goldman has created REVA Blueprint – Your Plan for Real Estate Assistant Success. Our plan REVA Blueprint is designed for anyone to step in whether you are familiar with real estate or not. Learn how real estate offices work and to be able to provide systems, support and recommendations for your clients.

Not every candidate has the experience to begin our program without supplemental training so for that reason, we also offer our Virtual Professional Training Center (VPTC) Program as we. You know and understand your skill level. Start at a level that is going to guide you to success. Many people start with our (VPTC) program to hone their skills and learn how a Virtual Office operates and the tools, rules and equipment you need to succeed. Our VAF program provides the general elements of building, operating and marketing a successful Virtual Assistant Business.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Blueprint for Success.Do you already have a Professional VA business ? Want to make more money? Want to become an expert in the Virtual Assistant Business? Then the REVA Blueprint for Success programs is probably the course for you. Real estate professionals understand how important it is to spend their time with their clients because that’s where they make their money. They are looking to outsource many tasks to skilled virtual assistants.  Agents are busy, over-loaded and typically behind schedule and they could really use an extra pair of hands. If you have experience or interest in this market, then you may just want to consider becoming a virtual real estate assistant.

Get your career on target. Get trained as a Virtual Assistant and make more money.Choosing Real Estate as your niche or target audience is a smart move on many levels.

  • You decrease the education you have to maintain to stay current with your client’s field.
  • You increase the knowledge and skills you bring to the table.
  • You can make more money.
  • You save money in marketing costs.
  • You become the expert in that field.

“According to the
National Association of REALTORS
there are 997,148
REALTORS® in the United States.”

Don’t You Think There is Room for You?



Did you just create your new Facebook page? It looks really nice and has a lot of information. The date shows it as new. However, it looks very “established”! Cool.

Hello – My name is Patty Ingle and I am interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant. I am currently working as a real estate assistant to a successful realtor/rehabber. I used to work from my home office and am excited to do so again. I lookforward to hearing from you!