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Real Estate WordPress Sites

Real Estate WordPress Sites

REVA Online builds WordPress Websites for Real Estate.You are trying to stay ahead of the competition and developing a Real Estate WordPress site is a great first step. WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, ease of use and web standards and there are also dozens of dynamic real estate themed templates. Experienced and trained, REVA Online has more than 15 years of website development and experience and is specially trained in Real Estate WordPress Sites. Customized templates, pages and All-In-One SEO are just part of the package!

REVA Online can help you with the following:

Installation & Setup
We are able to help with the beginning stages of site development – from obtaining your domain name, choosing your theme, selecting your IDX solution and setting up web-hosting to fully installing WordPress on your server.

Theme Customization
Once you have chosen your theme, REVA Online also offers the ability to customize the theme to the your liking. Whether it be simple color/font changes or creating additional page layouts, they can do the job.

Search Engine Optimization
Having a website that looks good is just one part of being successful. REVA Online will  help in the development of keyword specific posts and pages, in order to establish search engine traffic and readership from people who are searching the well-designed website is not the only necessary aspect of being successful online.  This will help you find new clients and build relationships to help grow you grow your business.

Content Management
Looking good and being found are two important functions of your website, but you need to keep your visitors from leaving your website to find information elsewhere. REVA Online also offer services to help you create and maintain your website and content. You are extremely busy schedules and don’t necessarily have the time or ability to update your website often. REVA Online can do this for you.

Rates & Pricing
Pricing varies from client to client and specific individual needs.

Inquire below for rates for your website project. Kathy Goldman will work with you and discuss a pricing structure that works for you.


as an agent who has been in the business for some time, I know my website could use a look-over and possibly even a brand new one. I like what you have to say about the Real Estate WordPress Sites. I’ll have to look at some of the ones you’ve done and maybe we can decide if I need a whole new site or if you can fix what I’ve got! Thomas