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Real Estate Website Content

Real Estate Website Content

Whether you are staring from a blank screen or have an exisiting website, REVA Online can help maximize your outreach.Your Real Estate Website or Blog may be the first thing a potential client sees about you. As we all know, first impressions are so very important. Your visitors want a clean, inviting and organized website that allows them to quickly find what they want and move on.  This is what they come for, but what makes them stay? They stay because you offer all the things your real estate website visitors are looking for. You need to have:

  • An easy to find button for Search for Homes
  • Buyer and Seller tips and information
  • Neighborhood Information
  • Neighborhood Real Estate Market Reports
  • Local utilities, restaurants, and a large list of services to recommend.
  • Contact forms that email you immediately when a user comes calling
  • Image slideshow — you can change the photos anytime
  • Ability to display your listings with photos
  • Your brand and contact info on every page
  • …and everything else your “target” visitor would like to see!

Understand your target market and reduce the cost of the shotgun approach to marketing.Note the word “Target” Visitor. This is where you should ask yourself:

  • Who are you marketing to?
  • Why did you choose that market?
  • What information would be helpful to “them” specifically?
  • How do you reach them?

Just because you build a Real Estate Website, does not mean they will come. Your real estate website content is king.  There are so many things you can and should be doing to get additional exposure and it starts with recognizing who you are marketing to. Once you decide WHO, you can decide HOW. Your target market should be as comfortable as a worn-in pair of shoes. You should be comfortable with your clientele and you should be able to make them comfortable with you. If you are trying to reach out of your comfort zone, you are not going to be as effective with your clients.

Why is Content So Important?

  • Content builds trust
  • Quality content keeps visitors on your site longer and this builds relationships
  • Establishes you and your company as experts in the industry
  • Gives you something to share in the social web
  • Drives organic traffic through SEO and social media sharing

While we are concerned about the substance when it comes to creating content, it’s important not to forget format either. (the look and feel of your website). Just as you would put your best foot forward when dealing with a customer, you want your website design to let visitors know that you care about your online image and have invested the time and money to do it right. If visitors start with a negative impression of the way your site looks, they’ll start with a negative impression of your content.

Here are some ideas for you to think about that we can add to your website:

  • Describe your clients
  • Showcase Recent Sellers
  • Additional Information about your Niche
  • Local Public Service Providers – Make it easy to move
  • Local Businesses and Restaurants – Give Reviews
  • Buyer and Seller Tips and Reports.
  • Local Meetings and Improvements
  • Unique Properties

REVA Online has 28 years of writing experience. We know what consumers are looking for when them come to your website. We know how to deliver that information professionally and succinctly. We approach real estate website content as an outsider. For example, if someone were moving here from out of town, what things would they want to know? We make it happen!