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Real Estate Blogging

Real Estate Blogging

Information about blogging for real estate and building social relationships to grow your network and set yourself apart as a local expert.According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2010 Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers, 94% of today’s shoppers begin online. That’s nearly all your current customers! So let me ask you a serious question? What percentage of your marketing budget are you spending on your online marketing? Probably not much, right?

In the beginning, blogs were personal journals posted on the web for everyone to read and upon which readers could comment. They started out with very limited circles of readership and a lot of personal journal type stuff with photos and links to things of mutual interest. You might have a personal journal blog and post your thoughts on books you’ve read recently or movies you’ve seen. You would be able to place links in your blog to reviews of those books and movies.

While blogging is an essential part of any real estate agent’s inbound marketing strategy, it can do more harm than good when mistakes are made. Mistakes can actually hurt your credibility and reputation. An easy way of looking at it is to ask yourself, “Would I want to buy a house from someone whose blog seems unprofessional?” The answer is no.

Here Are a Few Mistakes You Should Not Make When Blogging:

Blogging Confidential Information. Your clients trust you with a great deal of financial, personal and familial information. You have a legal bond to maintain their information in the utmost confidence. You should never blog about them unless they have given you permission. 

Here is an example:  Bob Smith, his wife and their two children are moving into XYZ neighborhood. Let’s keep it light and say that Bob accidentally walked into someone’s house, they freaked out and hit him with a bat and then called the police for breaking and entering. That story may be funny, but it might be terribly embarrassing to Bob. So as in all “stories” change the names and faces if you insist on telling the story.

Take the High Road. Don’t dis other agents by name or company. You are a professional and your clients should become your clients because you have a great reputation and do a great job (not because the other Agent is always late to appointments). This is your time to shine instead of knock them down.

Be Consistent. Have a schedule for blogging and stick with it. If you are continually forgetting to post your blog, your readers will lose interest and you will find your readership goes down. Be consistent and set your schedule ahead of time.

Manage Your Formatting. Post correctly to make the blog easier to read and more professional.

  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Use bullets and numbered points
  • Include Images

Originality. There are so many things that you can write about that you don’t need to copy someone. Topics…fine! But find your own content to go with that topic. If you are having writer’s block, just look around at what others are writing about and then put it in your own words.

Give Credit. If you do find a topic online and you think there is a specific point in the article that you are referring to, share the love and give credit to the original writer. You probably both will receive valuable links back to your website.

But don’t let the high stakes of blogging correctly discourage you. Blogging is an excellent way to become a thought leader in your field, connect to your target market and promote your brand. Address these common blogging mistakes, and reap the benefits of a successful social marketing campaign.

Most Agents do not spend money on what is now the non-traditional forms of advertising because it just doesn’t work. Print advertising is not cost-effective and is not where your potential clients are. To find clients you need to socialize physically and virtually!

Social networking and blogging is growing faster than ever. Every day the social network demographics show signs of increased use from all ages. These growing networks are the place to find your potential clients and make a name for yourself.

And What’s the Point of Blogging?

The point is NOT to get clients, but to build relationships, expose your personality and create your reputation as a local expert. When you are able to accomplish this, the rest falls into place.

  • Make intelligent posts
  • Make considerate comments on other post
  • It’s not about selling nor is it about YOU
  • 25% business, 75% personal, local and fun
  • Post consistently
  • Comment even more consistently

The efforts you make should make you likable, reliable, personable and informative. The goal is to build relationships. It’s like online-dating, except for making friends.

Don’t underestimate your market.

  • Who do you appeal to?
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • Where do you live?

Blogging is hyper-local, typically, but don’t over-look other potential markets. Choose topics that you have a commonality  or association with. If you have a love for dogs, network with dog lovers. Needlepoint, find those Chicks with Sticks. Sports, check out the local teams (and post about them).

Connect with groups that you share common interests. Have you ever gone to a party with your spouse and not had anything to say to the other party-goers? It’s the same with social networking. It’s easier to make comments and post helpful information if you have an interest the topic. Don’t talk above your head or down to your friends. You will do well.

REVA Online will help you create a Blogging plan. Together we will determine your budget, your platforms and how much you would like to be involved.

Most people don’t know how often you should blog? Should you tweet your post? How do you get readers and so much more. We will develop a plan tailored to your needs and budget. Your plan should include a mix of Blogging, Facebook and Twitter as well as commenting on other posts. Another  great way to get the same type of exposure is to write weekly articles to submit to the Free Article websites. These sites provide great SEO and inbound links. If you don’t understand this, then you probably need a Real Estate Assistant.


I thought I should give you a shout on this post! Real estate blogging is hard. I don’t find the time and can’t come up with enough topics. I would appreciate it if you could send me some real estate blog topics. Maybe I’ll just give up and hand it over! Maddy

As a long-time blogger myself, your real estate blogging article is spot on. You make some great points and if I were in real estate, you would be my blogger! Thanks! Sam

I really learned a lot for this real estate blogging post. I will be back.

Your Real Estate Blogging keeps me current with what is going on in the world of real estate technology.

I agree Thea. Market reports are awesome because everybody is, by nature, nosy. They like to know what is going on in their neighborhoods and it’s a great way to get people see that with the interest rates, now is still a great time to buy or sell.

When I started as a VA in 1996, many of the tools we use were just a gleam in a programmer’s eye! Now we have so many tools available to really help launch, build, maintain and grow. I love it!

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