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Do You Need a REVA?

Do You Need a REVA? Check Out the Services We Provide

You have a very busy life. You are working with buyers and sellers, investors and lenders. Your days just go from one to another without much separation. So ask yourself this:  Do You Need A REVA?

Having an off-site assistant may be intimidating at first. There are so many questions you may have about how this works and how you trust someone whom you have never met. I can only tell you that your VAs will offer only the utmost courtesy in confidentiality and honesty. You place a great deal of trust in their work ethics and honesty when you sign the contract.  You give them access to your entire financial information and trust that they will represent you with good faith and a great attitude.

Your REVA is another set of hands and another set of eyes to help you watch over your business, your clients, your reputation and more. Many VAs have access to their clients’ computer at most any time of the day. If they “really wanted to” they could do just about anything. However, reputation is EVERYTHING to a Virtual Assistant. Absolute trust is imperative.

There is a fine line when you are trying to balance your life and your job. Hiring a Virtual Real Estate Assistant can help you manage better.How Do You Know if You Need a REVA?

Every day is a day to utilize the services of a REVA. Your job is to make money and build relationships. Inputting listings and making changes to your website do not make you money. Learning how to install a new tool that you bought at the NAR Conference does not make you money. Many of the behind the scenes tasks do not make you money AND are time-suckers. You need to understand the magnitude of tasks your REVA can handle for you. Our Services are provided online and on time. Check here for a complete list of Our Services. Save time. Make Money. Easy.

How Do You Hire a REVA?

There are many online directories to check out. Google “Real Estate Assistant” and see who shows up and then check them out. Specify any skills you need or want your REVA to have. If you have requirements or preferences, make sure you discuss them in advance. Ask the candidate if he or she can provide examples of prior work to help you determine if this is the right person for the job. Ask yourself – do you need a REVA?

Or…Start Here! We have openings for additional clients and we have a combined number of 35 years of in-house and virtual real estate experience.


Manage – Don’t Micromanage

Once you have partnered with someone you like, there will be a newlywed period where you both tip toe around and are not certain of what to expect from this new relationship. Relationships are built around trust. That means that you cannot be someone who micromanages your Team. REVAs are experts in their field and they can do the job. If you have hesitations after your introductory period, find a different VA.

Virtual Assistant Basics logoEase Into the Relationship Slowly

Yes, you hired your REVA because you have so many things you haven’t gotten to. That is understandable. But your REVA will have other clients as well. It took you some time to get behind, it will take your VA some time to catch you up. Set goals, set priorities and have your VA report and be accountable within reason.

Experience Counts.

Agents are looking for experienced virtual assistants with knowledge and experience in real estate. You want your REVA to be able to propose new areas for business growth, create unique and exciting marketing copy and to be able to set up systems and procedures to simplify the operation of your office. Systems lead to Sanity for you and everyone around you. REVAs understand that they do not have the same access and permissions that a Licensed Assistant would have. These permissions will vary by state so you will want to be sure you understand what tasks and services your VA will be allowed to manage for you.

Are you ready? Do you need a REVA? Contact us now.


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