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Benefits of Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistants Save You Time & Money!!!

Virtual assistance offers many advantages over a paid employee or temp agency. When you hire a virtual assistant you get all the benefits of outsourcing and no employee tax or benefits issues. Real Estate Assistants are highly skilled and experienced administrative professionals who can help your office run more effectively and efficiently.

Feel the world lifted off your shoulders …
Remember the excitement that you felt when you first started your business?

Virtual Assistance saves you time and money. Grow your business and make more money with help!

So what are some of the benefits of Virtual Assistance?

  • More time – VAs work with you to cover your workload so you can enjoy your spare time; no more burning the midnight oil!
  • More money – by eliminating routine tasks, you can concentrate your efforts on obtaining more clients and keeping current clients satisfied to increase your cash flow (and let’s face it, you’re not trained to do this!)
  • You don’t have to make room for a VA! – Like working solo? A lot of people get more done by working alone in their own space; this means less interruptions and best of all … no sharing!
  • No overhead – most VAs work out of their home, which means you don’t have to supply phones, computers, desks and chairs, copiers, scanners, (you get the idea); there are no utility costs or zoning requirements for you to worry about
  • Get what you pay for – get billed for ‘real time’- not coffee breaks or chatting around the water cooler, VAs bill only for time worked on your projects
  • Commitment – VAs are trained and highly skilled to do their job; your success is their success!
  • Professionalism – VAs are highly skilled and understand the importance of keeping your business in the forefront while maintaining a great reputation.
  • Innovation – Because VAs spend a great deal of time learning and gaining experience, they can apply this to your business. You will have tools and services available to you prior to your competition!
  • No personnel issues – VAs make their own schedule, take care of their own taxes, insurance, and benefits; there are no labor laws to contend with; no need to learn, administer, or comply with the Rehabilitation Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Age Discrimination Act, Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991, Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Pay Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Family Medical Leave Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Immigration Reform and Control Act, Federal Unemployment Tax Act, Employee Retirement Income Security Act, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act – WOW!
  • Goal – not project-oriented; VAs look at the ‘big picture’; every project that we complete just puts us a step closer to achieving your goals
  • New perspective – bouncing ideas off someone who is dedicated to your business success often leads to more efficient and beneficial ways of doing things
  • Efficiency – now, your to-do list has someone to-do it; you have more time to do what you need done!
  • Networking – REVA Online belongs to professional organizations such as the National Association of Realtors (REPAs),IMSD, AssistU, PREVA, IVAA, and NAWBO and our network of experts is now your network of experts. By collaborating with others in our field on a daily basis, we are able to constantly contribute new ways to help you run the administrative side of your business more efficiently
  • Feedback – VAs grow by learning, so give us feedback; let us know how we are doing, as we value an honest opinion to improve our services and our level of client satisfaction
Save money by working with an experienced real estate assistant. Compare your savings with this chart...Call Now to Save!
 Save money by working with an experienced real estate assistant. 

Still want more proof that VAs are worth their weight in gold?

Cost comparison of a Virtual Assistant vs. a Permanent Employee

  • You only pay for hours worked; you never pay for breaks, lunch time, socializing, etc.
  • You get 100% return for your money—and most real estate virtual assistants are highly trained with many years of virtual assistance experience
  • Virtual Assistants’ offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the latest software

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