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If it doesn't make you money, you should be delegating it! Real Estate Assistant — Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Real Estate Assistant — Virtual Real Estate Assistant

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www.REVA provides professional virtual real estate assistance specializing in off-site real estate support services for REALTORS®. Our real estate assistants have the administrative and technology expertise REALTORS® need to take their real estate business to the next level. We take care of your behind-the-scenes tasks to allow you to concentrate on what you do best — listing and selling properties!

Imagine having a team of experts who are on the cutting edge of real estate technology! If you have reached the point where you are struggling to get everything done during the day, you are ready for a Real Estate Assistant. We will evaluate, renovate, automate and designate a plan that fits your needs and budget. All you need to do is Delegate!

One of the most important jobs your virtual Real Estate Assistant can do for you is to put systems in place to organize your daily life. This includes listing coordination, real estate social marketing plans, website maintenance, WordPress sites and more.

Do you Tweet? Do you Blog? Do you Pin? How about Video? Let me tell you that your competition is Tweeting and Blogging regularly! If you are not active on the Social Networks, you are missing a huge market. Let our social networking experts help you utilize tools like Facebook, ActiveRain, LinkedIn and YouTube to gain exposure for listings, network with peers and to become a local real estate expert.

At REVA Online, we combine many years of computer experience, on-site real estate experience and extensive virtual real estate experience. We use the latest technology and service tools to help our clients get better organized and make more money.

Our Mantra at REVA Online is:  If it doesn’t make you money, you should be delegating it! Delegate! Virtual Real Estate Assistance saves you money, because you are billed only for our time on task. More info

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Why Use a Real Estate Assistant

We will evaluate, renovate, automate and designate a plan that fits your needs and budget. All you need to do is Delegate! Remember, you are not making money when you are updating listings or adding leads to campaigns. Virtual Real Estate Assistants have the knowledge and skills to do the job faster and better! Let’s see what we can do to simplify your life now!

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Why Hire a REVA

Real Estate Services

Your day is filled with obligations. You have office meetings, tours, client meetings, listing appointments and closings to attend. What kind of time does that leave you to do everything else? Your Real Estate Assistant is trained to manage your listings and get them the most exposure possible. They can create systems that can include your input or run on their own.

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Real Estate Assistant Services

For Agents, REVAs and VAs

Are you where you want to be? We provide powerful tools and coaching to help you build your business. Are you ready to make this year your best year ever? Kathy Goldman has the experience and expertise to guide you to the next level. Having a Coach/Mentor Coaching will increase your results and get you to the top. Let’s talk about growing your business.

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